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How to get started


1. Read: What is Komyo Reiki

Komyo Reiki is Traditional Reiki, as it was understood and practiced in Japan in the 1920s and 1930s. This system places emphasis on the spiritual unfoldment through the practice of Reiki, aiming for enlightenment. 

2. Learn: Take a Class

There are 4 levels or degrees of Komyo Reiki:
Shoden (Level 1)
Chuden(Level 2)
Okuden (Level 3)
Shinpiden (Level 4/ Teacher's Training)

3. Practice & Support: Reiki Share

Komyo Reiki is a simple practice. It is quietening yourself, to find space between your thoughts, and allowing the Reiki energy to flow on its own, without the direction or will of the practitioner. Working on yourself first, sufficiently to 'get out of the way'. And this takes practice and monthly or bi-monthly, we come together to share and grow.